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    I set a initial concentration of one cell as 0.004, but the initial concentration displayed in cell history plot and line plot were not the same ,one is 0.004 and  the other is 0.002. Why they are different?8e31283c34425802e7247926499a4af.jpg.8797265c4d3f86895e26fb5a3ff0fd8d.jpg


  2. Thanks,Alison There is another problem: If I give a solute concentration in pore water and distribution coefficient Kd1, when the calculation finished, take the save file as the initial condition for the next calculation. When import the save file, do it inherit the solutes mass adsorbed in the solid? or just inherit the solute concentration in pore water? Can these solutes adsorbed in the solid be desorbed? How to simulate adsorption and desorption,by set surface adsorption zone or liner Kd zone?I can not find where to set surface adsorption zone.
  3. Here is the SIM file,test.simhope you can check out what goes wrong. Thanks a lot!
  4. I created a model to simulate the movement of heavy metals in polluted soil after rainfall. But there was an error: Singular Matrix in Chemical Solver, STOP The picture below is the initial water and boundary water information in my model. Please tell me know how to make it.
  5. Where to find the steam table document ? The website in the manual is invalid asfollowed.
  6. As far as I know, only one solute diffusion coefficient can be set for the whole model,which is not practical. Then how to set the diffusion coefficient of different solutes in different soil layer in toughreact?
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