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  1. I'm not sure if the figure 1 above appears or not. But below is the supposed attached figure 1
  2. Hi, I have developed the block model as per rockware tutorial and the striplogs etc resulted as expected. However when I process the statigraphic model, the model does not resulted as the usual model. The shapes does not fill in the outline box and there are some of the layers could not be seen unless it is set to explode view. Can someone advice me on why does my statigraphic block model does not fill in the box as in the Figure 1. The objective of my task was to develop the model as per Figure 2. Thank you. Figure 1 Figure 2
  3. Hi Mitch, I did with what you advised, and I came out with the below result; The GR Curve only shows up at the bottom of the well log even without activating the G-value filters. The objective was to get the familiar pattern of the curve but having it fill from the top until the bottom of the well log. Could you assist me on this please? Thank you.
  4. Firstly thank you molly for responding! I did based on a GR log. So based on the figure I posted, the striplogs tends showing towards a straights curve and not the wiggles as posted example below. Is there any settings that could be done to change the displayed logs to obtain some sort as the example posted below?
  5. Hi, could I seek advice on the striplogs below? I have entered the data however when process the striplogs, it resulted in the below. Can anyone advice if this is because of the settings that I have input for the striplogs design? Really appreciate if anyone could advice on this.
  6. Hi, I wanted to develop my statigraphy model and I have done all the location map and strip logs successfully however I could not develop the statigraphy model as shown below: I would really appreciate if someone could assist me on this
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