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  1. Hello TomB, Thank you so much for your help! You literally saved me. I'll try to do this just like you described. Thanks again, James.
  2. Hi TomB, I tired the onlap function many times. On the 1st picture is onlap turned on and 2nd is onlap off. It only removes paleozoic under proterozoic but still leaves proterozoic in the middle of cretaceous. I've tried to downloaad the trial version of Rockworks 17 but for some reason the converting from 16 to 17 maded errors and even after fixing it the files are not suitable I guess because when I want to create model or something else everything is so small and unreadable and the model is not even showing. So I shloud try to create new unreal boreholes to fix it? I've also tried adding 0 thickness of proterozoic under paleozoic and 0 thickness to paleozoic where is proterozoic right under the cretaceous but it still did not help. I guess I'll try share my project here since I am pretty new in rockworks and after few months of using it it's still pretty difficult for me. The backup file is pretty small so it should be no problem. Only the stratigraphy and litology datasheets are in czech language so I hope I won't be a big problem or you can use google translator If needed. Here are the most common rocks: cretaceous slínovec = marlstone; pískovec = sandstone, písek = sand; slepenec = conglomerate; jíl = clay, jílovec = claystone and some older proterozoic slates = břidlice. Rockworks stratigrafie001.zip
  3. Hey thanks for the tip. I've checked the litology datasheet in all boreholes and triple checked stratigraphy datasheet and it looks fine so my guess is problem is somewhere else. I've also checked again the values in datasheet and lowered the value of "unknown age" so proterozoic would be last but I don't use boreholes with these since they are not needed for the model.
  4. Hi, thanks for the answer. The numbers in the stratigraphy table should be good cretaceous is lowest, paleozoic is middle and proterozoic has the highest value. I don't fully understand the grid thing. What do you mean by control points?
  5. Hello guys, I am a geology student and I'm working on my bachelor thesis. I need to make few models and a map in rockworks but unfortunately I have a problems which I can not solve on my own and I can't find anybody capable of helping me. The thing is I am modeling a part of a structure and it's subsoil in the Czech Republic. The main problem in the model is (you can see it on the picture bellow) stratigraphy. For some reason the proterozoic era goes through cretaceous and whole paleozoic is also messed up... The stratigraphy is in czech langue so I will translate for you: kvartér = quaternary křída = cretaceous paleozoikum = paleozoic proterozoikum = proterozoic 2nd problem is with 2d map. I need to create a 2d map with topography and litology but I can't manage to create it. I don't know If I am doing it right, but there are no topography lines and only few litilogy. 3rd picture bellow. My guess is it only takes a certain level of topography. I hope someone can help me here so I can peacefuly finish my thesis. Thank you.
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