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  1. Hi Alison Thank you for your quick response. I found your solution to be quick and easy.
  2. Hi Is it at all possible to customize the lithology datasheet in the borehole manager? Currently you have Depth 1, Depth 2, Keyword and Comment under the lithology tab, but I would like to add another column. I've done so when clicking on datasheet. However, after adding other columns and saving, the extra columns have dissapeared again. Weirdly enough, I also can't change the column title of the newly added column (5). Kind regards Vincent Verswijvel
  3. Hi Molly Thank you for the detailed answer. I tried exporting to excel, changing the new data and re-importing the values with succes. Kind regards Vincent Verswijvel
  4. I've recently stumbled on problems concerning the import of I-text followed by a problem with the export. Often, I have to update a certain field of the I-text, 'Geologische formatie' in this example. Usually, I import it as an excel with multiple tables. I always choose the 'update' function in the Borehole Overwrite Options. This has always worked for me, untill now. The problem is, that sometimes, RW doesn't recognize an interval that is already present in RW and is given in the excel, wich ends up in RW making doubles of the same interval (see example below). A
  5. Hi Tom The email is on its way. Thank you for looking into this. Regards Vincent
  6. Hi all I wanted to create an multiple tables export to an excel file when I stumbled upon following error: So, naturally, I performed a database integrity check and every datatype was verified except the 'Production' as you can see below. Now I'm left with the question on how to solve this problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem before? Kind regards Vincent Verswijvel
  7. Hi Tom Thank you for the explanation. This is really helpfull. Kind regards Vincent
  8. Hi all I am wondering how I should enter stratigraphy data when I don't know where a certain border between 2 stratigraphies is situated. For example, my borehole only reaches into the first layer, which I call 'A'. The reached depth is 4m and I know now that at least the first 4m are A (but it could be more, I just don't know that). The following layer is called B, but I find no evidence at this specific borehole to allocate the layer of B to a specific depth. What is the correct way to enter this data into the stratigraphy tab of the borehole manager? Datastruc
  9. Hi Tom Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to use CutePDF. However, after messing around with the settings, I managed to create a PDF about which everyone was fairly happy. Kind regards Vincent V
  10. Hi all I am having trouble with creating PDF's of high quality. I have already tried 2 different options, but I don't seem to get closer to a desired outcome. Basically I need to create a pdf of a projected alongside a location map. The first problem is that I need a different lay-out for my probings and my bores. I can get this far and append the probings and the bores to one projected section without much problem. What doesn't work out is that I need to create a location map seperate from the projected section as I want both probings and bores on my location map.
  11. Hi Molly Thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have, however, 1 question. Filtering my boreholes on arsenic, I get 40 non-zero values across 11 different boreholes. When I create the statistics report, the population (Non-null) is equal to 80. This is the exact double. Is this as intended? I calculated the mean myself and this corresponds to the mean in the statistics report. Kind regards Vincent
  12. Now that I think of it, this sounds very obvious. Thank you very much, this is very helpfull.
  13. Hi Mitch Thank you for your response. I will definitely look at this. However, it may seem a little weird, but it is not preferable to model the arsenic for my project. Do you think it's possible to get the statistics from the raw input, so without modelling the arsenic? Kind regards Vincent
  14. Hi all I am looking for a way to extract geochemical data from a specific layer. For example, I have put all the arsenic levels into the I-data tab of Rockworks (17) and I have a stratigraphy model. Is it possible to know all the statistics (mean, st.d., etc.) of arsenic in a layer of my choosing? I have not modelled the geochemical data, is this necessary? Kind regards Vincent Verswijvel
  15. Hi Tom Thank you very much. The detailed explanation certainly was hepfull. I'm really happy with the result. Kind regards Vincent
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