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  1. Hello Henry, I was able to reproduce the issue of transparency around vertical text not working and overlapping the frame. I found that if you make the text just slightly smaller it will fit in the box, as a temporary workaround. I will send this issue to the development team to take a look at for a fix in a future release. Thanks for your input and detailed explanation along with the screen shot. Sincerely, Katy
  2. Hello Ian, Very large grid models may produce out-of-memory errors within the RockPlot2D and RockPlot3D programs. Unfortunately, we cannot define the maximum model dimensions because it's based on a variety of variables (e.g. other programs that are currently loaded, RAM size, virtual memory size, etc.). The solution is to decrease the size of the grid or the node density. You may also wish to try using a Subset of your project to limit data being loaded to the map. More information about creating grids from Lidar can be found in our online help documentation: https://help.rockware.c
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