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  1. Thank you so much with your great helps
  2. Dear all colleagues, Please help me that anyone can show me the typical and approriate input parameters for Atmosphere simulation in Petrasim ? or any other ways to simulate it. ----- Thank you and appreciate so much.
  3. Dear Mr/Mrs Alison, I thank you very much for your helpful and constructive answer with my appreciate. Best regards, La Duong Hai
  4. Dear colleagues, Firstly, I simulated a suction probe in petra sim with EOS 1 but the results were not followed my expectation then I changed to EOS 3. As for EOS 3, I got a problem in simulating the initial condition of EOS 3 to simulate the suction probe in Petrasim. Can everyone know how to set it up and suggest me typical values for setting up the initial condition of EOS 3 as well as the model boundary? I so appreciate your help.
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