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  1. Hello everyone, I'm kind of a novice RockWorks user, working with a coring database of c. 250 shallow (<10 m) cores. When I try to create a 'true-distance' striplog of c. 40 cores over a length of c. 6 km, I found all my cores plotted overlapping each other as illustrated in the example image. I'm sure I'm overlooking a certain setting to set the horizontal x-axis scale. When I draw only a part of the section, e.g. with a length of 1 km, all cores plot just fine. It is perhaps good to mention that I'm currently working on a 13" laptop - not ideal, but is it possible that this issue is caused by my screen-size? Hopefully one you guys or girls can help me out with this. All help and suggestions are much appreciated! Best regards, Jan Rockplot - untitled.pdf
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