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  1. I have one more issue I am trying to figure out. We want to show LNAPL overlaying the shallow aquifer so I created 2 "aquifers", one for product and one for groundwater. However, when I model the LNAPL aquifer it has holes where the aquifer pinches out (see image below), which makes sense for groundwater but not for product. Ideally, the product would appear more like bullseyes and not extend to the edge of the model area. Do you know of a way to address this? Thanks again for your help!
  2. Good Afternoon, I have created a lithology fence diagram (see attached) and would like to show two aquifers as surfaces. Currently only one aquifer is appearing as a blue line on the fence diagram. I have 2 questions. First, I used the Plot Surface Profile function in the lithology fence diagram section to plot the first aquifer. Is there a way to show this as a surface and not just a line? Second, the other aquifer is not continuous and only shows the thickness in each individual well (yellow). I can't figure out how to use the Plot Surface Profile function to show both aqui
  3. Kahn

    Lithology Sections

    Thank you so much Molly! It worked easily. I appreciate your quick response. Katherine
  4. Hello, I am creating 2D cross sections from lithology models using RockWorks. Is it possible to set the bottom of the boreholes as the bottom of the cross section? For now it is using the bottom of the deepest borehole as the bottom of the section, which makes sense. I see that I can set the bottom to a certain elevation, but is there a way to have it vary across the section? Thank you for your help! Kat
  5. Thank you Tom! Is there a reason that I don’t want to leave it in decimal degree? Is it better to use a UTM coordinate system? Thanks again for all of your help. Katherine
  6. I am trying to import a DEM into utilities so that I can create a surface and pull a cross section from it. I keep trying to import the txt file and get the error “ is not a valid integer value. I have searched the text and don’t see “ anywhere in the document. Any ideas?
  7. Hi, I have created a lithology section in Rockworks17 and would like to add the well construction details. When I add well construction to the visible items in the 2D Striplog Designer and check the Plot Logs box before processing the section, it shows 2 identical well constructions for each boring. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help!
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