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  1. Hello, I'm actually working on a 3D model at the basin scale in Petrel (2018.2). I wanted to know if their is any way to export the model on PetraSim or tough2. I tried the "Load data from Petrel" option in PetraSim, but it seems it doesn't load anything with the Eclipse ASCII format. Here are the bug reports: |File Name |Message |Value Type | ==================================================================================================================================================== |C:\Users\test grid petrel\test ECLIPSE extended grid.egrid |Unable to generate mesh data. |UNKNOWN | |C:\Users\test grid petrel\test ECLIPSE extended grid.egrid |Unable to save Petrel data. No mesh found. |UNKNOWN | I tested this import with different inputs, but i allways end up with this message, even when I try to only import the mesh without numerical values. Thank you.