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  1. Hi everybody I would like to integrate geophysical data into my model. Has anyone done this? I would like to integrate refractive seismic and electrical tomography. Is it possible to do this without doing image integration? Thank you very much Laure
  2. Hi, When I want to generate a grid I have this message …. " Best order = 0 " Do you know this ? ? Thanks . Laure
  3. Hello, When I load my excel database this error appears. Can you help me please ? Thank you very much. Laure
  4. Hello , Sorry for my English .. How can we create a level like a roof of a sub-layer or a water level .. just a line in my section. Connect different depths between them. DATA allows to assign a text or values to each depth but I just want to connect these depths between her. I don't know if I've been clear… Is it normal that generating a 3D grid (topography) takes several hours ... It's endless. My topography's datasheet contains162000 rows…. my computer crashes all the time… What option should I choose? Thanks...
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