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  1. Dear Tom, I am modelling in Rockworks a stratigraphic model, but at certain locations there is an old river channel which is filled up locally. At those locations, it cuts through the surrounding layers and these layers are disappearing. At the moment it is modelled af if the layers bend underneath it, but I would like the layers to stop at the channel. I have added an image with the current output and the desired output. Is this possible by settings in the stratigraphic modelling options ? Or should it be done with polygon clipping? I don't have a polygon of the channel (I would be able to guess where it is situated). This occurs at more than one location. I would love to hear from you and thank you in advance. Kind regards, Thaïsa
  2. Dear Tom, An additional question, what will the cut off distance do? And which value is it best to set keeping in mind that the boundaries must be straight down and no interpolation can happen? Regards, Thaïsa
  3. Dear Tom, Is the polygon file input a text file with the points and coordinates? Do you have an example how this will look like? I have the points on the polygons with upper and lower elevation with the environmental code. But then I will make for each polygon a different file? Thank you already in advance. Regards, Thaïsa
  4. I have 2D geophysical ERT data and I would like to import and visualize it in RockWorks. I have x, z, resistivity, and conductivity in a txt file. I have the starting and ending coordinates of the lines (x and y). Am I able to import this data into RockWorks and visualize it? And if this is possible, can I also make a 3D model from all the lines? Thank you in advance.
  5. For a project, we have performed environmentally research and based on this research polygons are determined. These polygons represent an environmental code of that area. I would like to make from all these polygons a 3D model. I have added all the points on the polygons as boreholes in RockWorks and added the environmental codes as lithology. The condition for this 3D model is that the boundaries must be straight down and without interpolating between different points/polygons. Do you have an idea if I am able to do this in RockWorks? And if so, what settings must I use? Thank you already in advance.
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