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  1. Edit Lithology in Sections

    Hi there, I have created several cross-sections and annotated the sections too. Now I have made changes to the lithology and would like to apply those changes to these cross-sections. I have saved these 2D files, but when I reopen them, they display the old lithology colors and patterns. Is there anyway I can 're-process' or batch edit the lithologies, without having to recreate the sections and re-annotate? Thanks for your tips,
  2. Custom Field Names

    Hi Tom, I'd like to clarify that I would like to add another column next to the lithology. I already have the lithology (e.g., sand and shale), but to add another column next to that. I have restarted a whole new model, but it would be nice to be able to do this together in one. Can you give me pointers about this? Ismena
  3. Custom Field Names

    Hi there, I am wondering if it is possible to visually display custom field names lithology sections? I have an idea to code all the lithology in terms of permeability (low, medium and high) as we're interesting in identifying high permeability zones for groundwater and ideally, a whole section could be created with this data. Thanks,