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  1. 3D Stratigraphic model

    Mr TOM, is there a possibility to delete my files that I attached to the forum (geol map, excel files...) because I can't delete them. Thank you very much.
  2. 3D Stratigraphic model

    Hello Mr. TOM, I would be very grateful if you could help me. Before explaining my problem, let me inform you that I am studying in 3rd year doctoral studies in hydrogeology (my theme is based on the combination of the geology of a region in southern Algeria with hydrochemical data) where I am obliged to use the famous Rockwork software (Version 17) to establish a 3D stratigraphic model. Allow me, Mr TOM, to explain the problem to you that I have not been able to solve it for several weeks. I can't make my 3D stratigraphic model concrete (in relation to my geological map of the study area). I send you my excel file (database) with the model I obtained and the geological map. I would be very grateful for your help and collaboration. Thank you very much. RW_Mars_18-03-2019.zip RockWorks data import 2019.xls (links removed per user request - admin) (geologic map removed per user request - admin)
  3. 3D Stratigraphic model

    Thank you very much Mr TOM for responding to me quite quickly, on my side I will try to apply what you advised me to do. In the meantime, please believe Mr. Tom in the assurance of my perfect considerations, thank you very much. Slimane