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  1. Well that's a huge problem and I'm trying to evaluate this program to replace our current one. But thank you much for your help!!
  2. Ahh. Now I get it. Yes, it does have the right name. It does show up if I change the Start Depth in BH Info but it messes up the other data if I do that - see top image in top post.
  3. Thank you for the reply. I'm not sure which data sheet you are referring to. I also have casing Top at -1.9 in the Well Construction sheet. This is my Data setup showing the Point Symbol I'm using.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the program and hoping I'm missing an easy setting. Hard to explain so I'm attaching two images. If I set my Start Depth at the correct lith depth (-0.3 pavement) and I have my well casing starting at -1.9, the part above -0.3 is not showing on well. If I set my Start Depth at -1.9, the Well top shows but it extends the data columns up to the -1.9. Please see the two attached images for visual explanation. I'm looking for help on showing the entire well surface completion without extending up the data columns. Thank you!!
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