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  1. my "froms" or "toos" or my elevations? I have the elevation listed under collar elevation, which is equal to ground elevation, and elevations are included in the first depth of the froms and toos. the "tops" are a few things in the spreadsheets. I'm not sure which file you're referring to.
  2. Thanks Mitch, I reorganized the data, but now I'm getting more "3 points required" errors. I renamed all the strata as sand, sand2, etc., and I can see that there is only one grass unit, but there are several asphalt layers and that's one of the layers it mentions it doesn't have enough points for! What way are you uploading the data? If I bring it in through utilities then I can't seem to transfer my strata into borehole manager, if I bring it into borehole manager it all shows up but I'm getting all the errors above when modelling. Should I use the multi-sheet xlsx. file or should I just upload csv? fixed data: exported cross section data.xlsx cross section data rockware.xlsx
  3. Maybe I'll mention, as well, that my grid and model dimensions all seem to be working correctly. The bounds match the UTM bounds I assigned my data.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to create a simple, or 3D, stratigraphic cross-section using an excel spread sheet I wrote up from well-log data. I've tried doing this a painful number of ways, and I'm fairly unfamiliar with RockWare. What I've tried so far: exporting the data as a CSV, and then opening it in the utilities window, checking it over, and then transferring to borehole manager.. The data shows up and even my stratigraphy is all there, I've filled out the stratigraphy types column, but when I go to actually model the boreholes I get the error that one of my stratigraphy layers can't be created (seems to change which one whenever I try; my grass layer, sand layer, or asphalt). I also get the error that I the model needs at least 3 points, or 2 points. I checked the forums and apparently this may have to do with the CRS assigned, but I've checked the CRS and it's all the same: UTM Nad 83. I've also tried uploading right into the borehole manager with a number of different excel file types to arrive at the same errors. It mentions I should re-order my stratigraphy, but I don't understand that as some of the strata occurs in reverse order in some boreholes and not others, I don't see how I could possibly assign them an order, unless it was per borehole?. I've also tried exporting a document to Excel from the borehole manager to examine the structure of spreadsheet it wants, I then filled out that spreadsheet with my data and imported it back into RockWare.. and arrive at the same errors. Not sure what's going on! attached is my data, in plain old xlsx format. also attached is the data in the exported format from RockWare. I did fiddle around with these spreadsheets to try to meet RockWare's error demands, but their both very simply laid out! It seems I have all the pieces in RockWare but I guess I'm missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated! cross section data rockware.xlsx exported cross section data.xlsx
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