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  1. Good morning, What Special Options do you currently have selected in your modeling? It looks like you could possibly be using the Distance filter option that will only model to a certain cutoff distance around your control points.
  2. Good morning Tim, Have you tried to reset the settings for that particular tool? You can do that by selecting Settings / Reset Menu Settings to Default in the upper right hand corner of the tool window. Based on your description it sounds like there could be some sort of setting that is causing the isopach tool to freeze up if you are able to create other stratigraphic items. Also, if you would like to zip up your project folder and send it to us at tech@rockware.com we would be happy to take it look at it ourselves to see what is going on.
  3. Good morning, Could you send us your project to tech@rockware.com so that we could take a look at it? Attached are two models that I made within our samples dataset - one without the "Limit Model to Selected G-Values" selected and one with, and the one with the G-Value filter does not show the other units. It may be something specific to your project that we are happy to take a look at.
  4. Any new installation of LogPlot8 completed after December 31, 2022 will generate a catastrophic error message initially when opening LogPlot8. To resolve this issue, after installing LogPlot8 you will need to run the LP8LicensePatch program below (i.e. first install LogPlot8 and then run the LP8LicensePatch program). Upon running the LP8LicensePatch program you should be able to open LogPlot8 without any issues. https://www.rockware.com/support/files/Permanent/LP8LicensePatch.exe
  5. Good morning Peter, Would you be able to zip your project and send it to us at tech@rockware.com? I would like to take a look at the data you are working with and try to re-create the issue to see what is going on.
  6. Good morning Vincent, That particular error message is a Windows error message that typically signifies that that the user does not have read/write capabilities. Where is the RockWorks project stored and can you confirm they have access to that location?
  7. I was able to replicate this item in LogPlot7 but not LogPlot8 or LogPlot2022. We are not positive why you are running in to that in LogPlot7 but it seems to have been fixed in later versions. I apologize I do not have a better answer or resolution for this item other than what you are already doing in turning the sound off on your computer.
  8. Good morning Mathieu, Based on the screenshot you had provided I would suggest increasing the width of your Legend at the bottom of the Color Legend tab, and once you have done that you can adjust the right and center margins by increasing or decreasing them to get to the font size you need.
  9. Good morning, You may want to check the elevations that you are currently using for those individual boreholes and confirm that they are correct. It also looks like you are using a superface/subface to constrain your model so the grids that you are using to constrain the model could also be cutting off those particular boreholes which is why you are seeing them above and below the surface of the model.
  10. Good morning Mathieu, If you already have the XY coordinates for the 200 locations you can use the tool ModOps / Grid / Statistics / Residuals. What this tool will do is compare the XY coordinates that you have uploaded in to the Utilities database (you can leave the Z value as 0) to the grid that you have selected and then tell you the Z (Predicted) value for the grid you have selected and the residuals which is the Z value of your XY coordinates subtracted by the predicted value. In this situation you can ignore the residuals value as you are just trying to find the predicted value for those coordinates.
  11. Mathieu, It looks like you were able to create the polygon correctly. We do not have the option to create a 3D polygon, but you can choose to constrain your models with a superface (upper constraining surface) or subface (lower constraining surface).
  12. Good morning Mathieu, At this time we do not have a way to adjust the north orientation in RockWorks so you cannot set your grid and model dimensions to the red rectangle in your image. What you can do as a potential work around is create a polygon in RockWorks similar to your red rectangle and then use that to confine your grid & 3D models so you are not getting the additional space where you do not have any control points. Please let us know if you have any other questions. - Paul
  13. Good afternoon Allison, At this time we do not have that option, but I have added it to our wishlist items so that it can hopefully be integrated into RockWorks down the road.
  14. Good morning Mark, We do still have the export options out to Groundwater Vistas as well as other options that you can use. Once you have created your model you can export it out of RockWorks by using the ModOps / Solid / Export tool. The export options include both Groundwater Vistas Matrix or Zone, and with the "Other Formats" option we also have the ability to export out your model to ASCII XYZG, NOeSYS, Slicer Dicer, ESRI Shape Point and netCdf.
  15. Good morning Edward, Could you please send a screenshot of the error message you are getting, as well as the bug report that is generated from this error message to our support email (tech@rockware.com)? I was unable to re-create this error within our samples data set.
  16. Mathieu, At this time we do not have a way to select different data for individual logs within a profile, the only option currently is a one log type for all where you select the data that will be presented for each log in the 2D striplog designer.
  17. Good morning Mathieu, What format is your bathymetric map in? Under the Graphics / Images Tools we do have a few options for Georeferencing an image to bring it into a RockPlot2D window, draping an image using an existing grid file, or floating an image at a specific elevation. Regarding the 2D profiles, are you using the bathymetric map to create a surface grid for your 2D profiles? Once you have brought an image into RockWorks and georeferenced it you can use the Graphics / Images / Digitize tool to digitize the contour lines within the image, and then using Utilities / Create / Grid -> XYZ you can create a grid of your digitized data.
  18. If you have changed your preferences to have the Help Documentation downloaded locally onto your computer, you may receive an Access Error violation when upgrading to RockWorks Revision 2021.2.9. This error occurs as there is an issue with correctly unzipping the updated Help Documentation onto your computer. If you do receive this error message, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue. The best way to correct this problem is to edit your RockWorks System.ini file. To get to this file you will need to go to C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\RockWare\RockWorks20, and then open the System.ini file in a text editor like Notepad. AppData is a hidden folder, so you can either type it into the file path at the top, or in your File Explorer options check the Hidden Items option. Once you have the System.ini file open in a text editor, you will need to scroll down to the HELP_FROM_INTERNET option and change it from =0 to =1, and then save the file. After you have saved the System.ini file with that change, then please start up RockWorks again and hopefully this should resolve the issue. After RockWorks has started up you can go back into the preferences option and re-select saving the help file locally.
  19. Good morning Doug, We have two links on our RockWorks 2020 help page that I have included below that may answer your question. Stereonet Gridding Options (https://help.rockware.com/rockworks/WebHelp/stereonet_grid.htm) Stereonet Statistical Summary (https://help.rockware.com/rockworks/WebHelp/stereonet_stats.htm) If you have any other questions please let us know!
  20. The issue that was causing this error was that there were boreholes that had dates listed as pre-1900. This is not an issue within RockWorks, but when exporting out to Excel you will receive the OLE error message as Excel's dating options technically do not start until 1/1/1900. Excel will halt the export as it views those dates being exported out pre-1900 as "negative dates." If the dates are updated to show after 1/1/1900 then the export should go through without issues.
  21. Chris, After discussing with one of our developers I believe the issue is the pound sign (#) that you have in your project name. For some reason Google Earth does not like that, but after we removed the pound sign from the project name it exported to Google Earth without any issues.
  22. Good morning Chris, Thank you very much for sending over the backup of your database. I am getting the same red X as you when I try to export your data into Google Earth. We believe the issue may be stemming from google earth itself as it appears to be having some outage issues at this time. I will monitor the issue and try again later today to see if it is corrected.
  23. Good afternoon Laure, Thank you very much for your question regarding bringing in your geophysical data into RockWorks17. What format is your geophysical data in by chance? If it is formatted in X/Y/Z/G data then you should be able to bring it into the datasheet. If you would like to send us your data at tech@rockware.com we would be happy to take a look at it and potentially come up with other options of bringing the data in as well.
  24. Good morning Laure, I have sent you an email regarding this issue.
  25. After receiving the data we are able to discern that there was a difference in coordinate systems from the Utilities datasheet and the project coordinates (UTM meters vs UTM feet). Once that was corrected the contours were projected inside the project dimensions correctly.
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