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  1. ERROR : Unique Constraint Failed

    Good morning Laure, I have sent you an email regarding this issue.
  2. EZ Topo Map coordinate change

    After receiving the data we are able to discern that there was a difference in coordinate systems from the Utilities datasheet and the project coordinates (UTM meters vs UTM feet). Once that was corrected the contours were projected inside the project dimensions correctly.
  3. EZ Topo Map coordinate change

    Good morning Craig, Would you mind backing up your database and sending it to us at [email protected]? I would like to make sure that I am using the correct coordinate system and grid/model dimensions as well as the same setting you were using as I am working with your .rwDat to see if I can replicate the issue that you are running into. Thanks!
  4. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    Good morning Mike, The error you are receiving is likely because your data dictionary is corrupted. I would suggest either deleting, or renaming the system folder for that project and that would let RockWorks rebuild the sql database again and see if that resolves the issue. If you receive the error again could you select Report Error / Restart and send the bug report to [email protected] so we could take a look at that as well?
  5. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    Have you tried copying or creating the folder directly on your C drive to see if that fixes the issue? It may still be having problems because of the location of the folder on OneDrive.
  6. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    Good morning, I believe the issue that you are running into is because the folder you are currently working on is on a shared folder in OneDrive. To resolve this issue, turn off the syncing function while working with the folder, or move the project to a different non-synced folder. If you continue to have issues please let us know.
  7. Good afternoon, You would be able to insert the data into RockWorks and then create a 3D model from it, but you would have to do a little ground work before doing that. You will need to get the x, y coordinates for all of your data points in between your starting and ending points of your lines, and then from there you could import the data into the Utilities Datasheet and create your model. One tool that may help in getting all of your x, y coordinates in between your starting and ending points would be under Utilities -> Survey -> Interpolate Points along Line. This tool is built under the assumption that the data points are all equally spaced apart, so if they are not you would have to calculate your x,y coordinates another way. Please let us know if this works or if you have any other questions.