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  1. I am then trying to make an isopach 2D map and when I generate it it shows up blank. Im not sure if maybe the values I have input would not generate such a thing or maybe on the Excel tab 'lith type' I have messed up the colors that could be used?
  2. Hello first time posting here sorry if my question or format is weird but here is my issue. I have used the SampleProject excelt sheet provided by the RockWorks program to import borehole locations and various other data that it came with into RockWorks no problem. Its very nice that I am able to generate a Lithology 3d map and everything, Which is my main goal with my own data. The problem I have is when I create an excel spread sheet in the same fashion as the SampleProject excel sheet given it doesnt register my Lithology values or anything other than the borehole data. I will upload the excel spreadsheet I have currently. I know by messing with it I probably altered something incorrect but if anyone has a specific format that exists for the program to read it that would be great! thank you Brisben Site Data Site Interval Data B1 - B24.xlsx
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