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  1. When exporting in the viewer I can get a good result. But when I export in RCL it does not scale correctly and jumbles up the section. Are there more DEFINE statements not listed below that more closely match what is in the export feature? I'm using the RockPlot2D viewer menu 'File | Export | PNG'. In this form there are many additional settings for scale, width, etc. Below is all the code I can find on this. DEFINE: RASTER_EXPORT INPUT_FILE TS2.rw2d DEFINE: RASTER_EXPORT PNG_FILE_NAME TS2.png DEFINE: RASTER_EXPORT RESOLUTION
  2. This seems to work: PROJECT: E:\RockWorks17\RW_Remote DEFINE: MENU_IMPORT GLOBAL True DEFINE: MENU_IMPORT FILE_NAME GlobalSettings.ini EXECUTE: MENU_IMPORT
  3. I want to set the Diagram Scaling value from RCL. I see this setting can be exported to GlobSettings.ini so I thought maybe I just need to load the settings file from a RCL. I tried the following with and without the Project statement, but it did not work: PROJECT: E:\RockWorks17\RW_Remote DEFINE: MENU_IMPORT GLOBAL DEFINE: MENU_IMPORT FILE_NAME GlobalSettings.ini Running Rockworks 17 thanks pat
  4. I have a script that when run creates a 2D Section. The scripts saves the output to a rw2d file. I want the script to then print to PDF. Is there a way to do this?
  5. When plotting correlation lines for Stratigraphy, if the corresponding well log does not have a matching geology unit the correlation line forms a point and plots back to the originating log. See the attached graphic for an example of this behavior. Is there a setting or method to tell rockworks to not draw this line when no corresponding segment exists in the adjacent log? section.bmp
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