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  1. Dear Tom.

    My questions is following my previous one (see below)

    I managed to project the surface temperarure (X,Y,Z, T) data from some boreholes on the DEM using the solid model, after your advice.

    Now I have temperature measurements at the bottom of the these boreholes (X,Y,Z2, T2).

    How could I make a model using the DEM and both temperatures (on top and at the bottom)?

    I want to study the variations in depth and laterally.

    Thank you in advance




  2. Hi Tom.

    Thank you again for your imediate responce.

    Please have a look in the attached image. on the top left image i depict the DEM (vertically exagerated by 10). on the top right is the temperature solid model.

    the image at the bottom is filtering the solid model with dtm (vertically exagerated by 5). It does not seem to follow the topography.

    What could the problem be?

    Thank you in advance



  3. Dear Tom, Hello again.

    I would like to continue my question to another problem.

    I have the DTM (XYZ) and I have another dataset of XYZ and Temperatures measured in 18boreholes.

    So I want to display the distribution of temperature in the area in 3D. There is a video (using XY and sodium) in youtube on that but its not my case.

    Could you please help me again?

    My kind regards


  4. Dear Mr Hakanson.

    Thank you for your comment.

    My XYZ data was extracted from GIS and I just used a part of it, so it was already gridded.

    About choosing the appropriate interpolation method, I think it is generally risky to perform automatically algorithms since all of them are designed for datasets with specific staistical properties. None of them is better or worse than others. But that is another big discussion....

    I just finished my project but I have time to experiment so as to develop it

    Thank you again.


  5. Hello!

    It is my first time in the forum

    I have a set of almost 200 boreholes in the borehole manger, so I can make-visualize my stratigraphy and lithology volumes.

    I also have a DEM of the area in an ascii file (XYZ) which I imported to the utilities

    And my question is: how could i combine these two datasets? Can i incoporate the DEM to the stratigraphy-lithology data?

    Thank you in advance


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