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  1. I have a couple of related quests in regards to plotting borehole locations and data in a Section Map. I have created a Section Map using the Utilities Tap in RW17. For borehole locations and data to plot on the Section Map, does that data have to be in a Utilities section Data Sheet. I have borehole data in the Borehole manager. How do I get the boreholes to plot in the Section Map? Thanks for your help. Mike
  2. Jim Thanks! that did the trick. Now all I need to do is to get my wells to plot on the section map. Mike
  3. Thanks Jim I'll give it try and post the results. Mike
  4. I have downloaded the Rockware Land Base and attempted to load the Township and Range data for my project. The project is located in SW Mississippi and the project is using the the NAD27 Datum and Western Mississippi State Plane Projection. Once loaded the the Township and Ranges plot many miles east of my well data. Im pretty sure I used the correct Prime Meridian and Townships. Is the Rockware Land Base data in a different Datum and Projection? If so can I change it to match my project? Thanks for your help. Mike
  5. I tried your suggestion and still have the same problem. I have created a bug report and sent it on to tech@rockware.com. I hope to hear from them soon. Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks Paul I set up a new project in the C: folder and I still get the following error as well as all the others. I do not have any data in any projects as I'm just getting started in RockWare. All I have done is gone through the tutorials. This is a bit frustrating, but I'm wondering if I should uninstall the program and re-load it or re-set the SQL data base?. There appears to be something corrupted somewhere. I appreciate your help. Mike
  7. I turned off Syncing in OneDrive, but I'm still getting the error. As I try to continue into the program and open a project I get these other errors. Thanks again. Mike
  8. Greetings I have tried to create a new project in RW 17 but have started to get the following error, every time I try and Open RW17. Please help. Thanks
  9. Jim Never mind. I foud it and have successfully created the project with the correct NAD27 Datum and Projection. Thanks Mike
  10. Jim Thanks for your help. I went to the Other Tab where it tells me to use the Build Button to specify the datum and projection parameters. I cannot find the Build button. Please direct me to where I can find a place to create a NAD 27 Datum, etc. Please see the attached image. Thanks Mike
  11. I'm trying to set up a new project using the NAD 27 Datum. When the coordinate menu comes up NAD 27 is not in the Datum list but a dialog in the menu says to use the Custom tab to select NAD 27 or build a custom Datum. I cannot find the Custom tab. Please let me know where it is located or how to get the NAD 27 datum. I'm including a couple of images that show the menu. Thanks for your help. Mike
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