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  1. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    I tried your suggestion and still have the same problem. I have created a bug report and sent it on to [email protected] I hope to hear from them soon. Thanks Mike
  2. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    Thanks Paul I set up a new project in the C: folder and I still get the following error as well as all the others. I do not have any data in any projects as I'm just getting started in RockWare. All I have done is gone through the tutorials. This is a bit frustrating, but I'm wondering if I should uninstall the program and re-load it or re-set the SQL data base?. There appears to be something corrupted somewhere. I appreciate your help. Mike
  3. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    I turned off Syncing in OneDrive, but I'm still getting the error. As I try to continue into the program and open a project I get these other errors. Thanks again. Mike
  4. Cannot Open Rockworks 17

    Greetings I have tried to create a new project in RW 17 but have started to get the following error, every time I try and Open RW17. Please help. Thanks
  5. Project Datum - NAD 27

    Jim Never mind. I foud it and have successfully created the project with the correct NAD27 Datum and Projection. Thanks Mike
  6. Project Datum - NAD 27

    Jim Thanks for your help. I went to the Other Tab where it tells me to use the Build Button to specify the datum and projection parameters. I cannot find the Build button. Please direct me to where I can find a place to create a NAD 27 Datum, etc. Please see the attached image. Thanks Mike
  7. Project Datum - NAD 27

    I'm trying to set up a new project using the NAD 27 Datum. When the coordinate menu comes up NAD 27 is not in the Datum list but a dialog in the menu says to use the Custom tab to select NAD 27 or build a custom Datum. I cannot find the Custom tab. Please let me know where it is located or how to get the NAD 27 datum. I'm including a couple of images that show the menu. Thanks for your help. Mike