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  1. I have two utilities worksheets that have identical coordinates in the same project. The one created some time ago will create a map and place it correctly in Zone 13. The one created today with exactly the same numbers creates a map and places it in Zone 12. I've changed no settings. These are two utility databases in the same project. I simply load the other file and render a map with the exact same values. Earlier I transferred my utility datasheet to boreholes and the program converted UTM meters to the appropriate UTM feet. When I transfer the new data sheet to boreholes within the same project it converts the numbers to crazy things. Easting 358713.362 UTM meters is converted to Easting -627396.6969 UTM feet. It should be 1176881.1089 feet. If I create a new project and tell it not to use a template but to use new settings and set everything up fresh with zone 13 and import my data sheet from excel and if I have *exactly* the easting and northing that I want, be they in meters or if I already have them converted to feet and I am careful to have them properly labeled for UTM feet with the correct units specified, the program applies a conversion to them and I get the same crazy -600,000 numbers and maps that put me in Zone 12. I am at a complete loss to understand why UTM feet in the utility table would have a conversion applied when transferred to the borehole manager with the exact same units specified.
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