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  1. Hi there, 


     I'm trying to create a new lithology model but the most of my boreholes are in shallow aquifer... I have a few boreholes in deeps but not enough to interpolate subface of my model... D you have any recommendation to help me? 

    If I remove my shallow boreholes from my model... then interpolate happens but I want to keep all lithology information


  2. Thank you so much Alisson, 


    I found the grid Export tools!!!


    So, one more doubt....is there one tool to clip my grid in an specific area, as I can do on GIS features?



  3. Hi Alisson


    that's the problem: I couldn't find the option to export to ASCII.... (where is the grid menu?) I just opened my stratigrapy model and went to file and then export options....I'm using rockworks17 standard, but I would my surface as" .grd" extension to use in visual modflow flex....


    I was researching and I figure out that option on old version of rockworks (2006)... Please, could you help me?



  4. Hi Alisson


    I'm trying to export surface from stratigraphy model to MODFLOW, but I couldn't convert Rwgrd in grd....First, I've tried to convert in shapefile, but data went to there as polygon... I can't interpolate polygon as raster in GIS .... So it's a messy..... I need a file as grid (interpolate surface) to build my model in MODFLOW .... Can you help me?

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