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  1. Hi Alisson my file is big.... can I send by wetransfer????
  2. hI THERE I'm using rockworks 17 and would like to export lithology model to modflow flex, how can I do that? where can I find modflow export function?
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to create a new lithology model but the most of my boreholes are in shallow aquifer... I have a few boreholes in deeps but not enough to interpolate subface of my model... D you have any recommendation to help me? If I remove my shallow boreholes from my model... then interpolate happens but I want to keep all lithology information
  4. You alright!!!!! Was because of coordinate system Thank you so much!!!!!!!
  5. coordinate system of my shapefile is SIRGAS 2000 and on rockworks I'm using WGS1984, which is the same...
  6. Hello, I'm doing exactly what the menu option is recommended but as I import my shapefile polygon the file didn't came as the same feature and not the same coordinate system.... Someone could help me ? Sincerely Rosialine
  7. Hi Alisson Thanks for your help!!!! Sincerel Rosialine
  8. Thank you so much Alisson, I found the grid Export tools!!! So, one more doubt....is there one tool to clip my grid in an specific area, as I can do on GIS features? Sincerely, Rosialine
  9. Hi Alisson that's the problem: I couldn't find the option to export to ASCII.... (where is the grid menu?) I just opened my stratigrapy model and went to file and then export options....I'm using rockworks17 standard, but I would my surface as" .grd" extension to use in visual modflow flex.... I was researching and I figure out that option on old version of rockworks (2006)... Please, could you help me? Rosialine
  10. Hi Alisson I'm trying to export surface from stratigraphy model to MODFLOW, but I couldn't convert Rwgrd in grd....First, I've tried to convert in shapefile, but data went to there as polygon... I can't interpolate polygon as raster in GIS .... So it's a messy..... I need a file as grid (interpolate surface) to build my model in MODFLOW .... Can you help me?
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