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  1. Dear all, I have installed the demo version of Rockworks17 few months ago on my pc. Then, I deleted it at the end of the trial expiry date. Recently, I purchased an academic version of Rockworks17, however, when I tried to re-install it to activate my licence, an error message pops out: Your Trialware has expired. This version will not load. Could you please let me know what is the best way to re-install Rockworks17 to activate my licence? Regards, Mohamed
  2. Hi Brianna, I am using the 3D solid model from Rockworks to conduct a linear site response analysis to study the seismic wave propagation through the different soil layers under seismic excitation. Any FEM software package usually requires: (1) the voxel corner nodes coordinates in X,Y, and Z; (2) the voxel connectivity which links the 8 corner nodes. The available voxel data are not enough to generate the 3D FEM model as the the data represents the voxel center with the corresponding G value.
  3. Hi Mitch, Thanks for your answer. I would like to generate an FEM model for my solid model, and to do so, all I need is the voxel corner nodes coordinates and nodes connectivity.
  4. Hi there, I am trying to extract the voxel information from my 3d solid (block) model. All I got so far is to extract the nodes coordinates in ASCII format (txt) file that includes X,Y,Z, and G columns. Is there any chance to extract or even export the voxel (cube/hexahedron) information such as the corner nodes and nodes connectivity. Thanks in advance!
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