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  1. Tom, Many thanks for the fix, so to speak. Switching to Measured from Elevation did the trick this morning when I tried at home. Then I got to the office, had not rebooted, and it wasn't plotting WLs again. I flipped the Measured from button back to Collar and it worked. Then I reloaded WL data (had made edits after reviewing hydrographs), and it didn't work again. So I flipped the switch again, it recalculated all the WL elevations and it worked again. Kinda weird, but at least I know how to get it to work again. thanks.
  2. I didn't know your email address, so I emailed the backup file to [email protected]
  3. It doesn't matter which TestHole I select, or Aquifer, I get the same problem. It's like RW is stopping the elevation calculation after a couple of water levels, and then just plotting the collar elevation. I am glad to see that it worked for you! Encouraging.
  4. I like your hydrograph, so what's my problem? I just loaded up the new version 15 minutes ago, and I get the same lame flat line water level elevation as before. I am on Rev 2017.6.1
  5. Ok. I printed them and scanned them to PDF, and attached them. Thanks for your help. DOC023.pdf
  6. Tom, The conversion of precip from m to mm worked well/better. Ironically, I started in mm, and thought having the same units on both Y-axes may helpful, but obviously was not. The hydrograph below is way better, however, only the initial two elevations are correct. The flat line water levels across the top of the graph appear to be only the collar elevation. The Devonian water elevation should be between 240 and 250m amsl, roughly. I paste in a screenshot of an Excel graph I just made. Thanks again for your help. Mark
  7. Please give the hydrograph routine a run for the Devonian aquifer and TH-16. Although I have had the same non-scalable Y-axis for water levels on all of my boreholes. Many thanks for your help/insights.
  8. Tom, I ran the samples project and the hydrographs worked fine. My Y-axis scales seem inflexible. My water levels do not vary much, and so it is a flat line on this display. I don't see any options for the Y axis scaling for water level data. Master updated 7-22-2017_MKLexport_WLs2.xlsx PrecipDataExport.xlsx
  9. I can not get the precipitation and water level hydrograph vertical scale axes to work together. The precipitation graphs fine on left axis, water level does not show up on scale.
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