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  1. I have a series of values, derived from testing data in 5 foot intervals. The values represent a marketable percentage of the total deposit. My goal is to calculate the volume associated with each unique percentage value. I created an I-Data model of the data, but I can't figure out how generate a report of the volumes by I-Data value. It appears I can only do so by specifying a range, but there are over 600 unique values so I can't manually run a report for each interval. Is there a way to get this data in a report format that is exportable to Excel or is there an alternate modeling method I can use? Thank you,
  2. Mitch, Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to the new features coming out. Sincerely, Jack S.
  3. Hello, I am attempting to recreate out company title block as a template in ReportWorks. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to rotate text in ReportWorks. I have attached a PDF of our title block so that you can see what I am trying to accomplish. Any help is most welcome. Thank you, Jack S. Sample Layout with Title Block.pdf
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