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    I-Data Modeling

    Thank you Tom I was able to create more data points in my data set as well as increase the node density and I came up with a model that is acceptable. I still need to constrain the model to the topography. However when I choose the option to constrain the model to the surface grid, I get an error message that the grid must be the same size as the model. How can I sample the grid file to match the model? Or is there a simple way that the grid file can be clipped to the model so I can use the surface to constrain the top? Thanks Earl
  2. Earl

    I-Data Modeling

    Hello I have been attempting to model Interval data that reflects desirable rock within an area I want to develop as a quarry. Unfortunately the formation I'm working in has highly variable rock quality. I have used all of the algorithms in RW. I have mainly used Anisotropic Algorithm with various settings to constrain it to the areas where I have data. I have stratigraphic rules in place and have tried re-sampling at intervals also but I cannot get RW to honor all of the data in the logs. I have attached my 3-D logs where larger "Red" disks represent my intervals desired in the rock mass. Can you give me some direction on where to take this, or recommend any other settings so I can create this solid model? Ultimately I am looking for a volume to be produced from the model. Thanks Earl
  3. Ok thanks for the input Tom. Our organization and clients like to see permeability units reported in cm/sec but based on your comment that may not be possible for low perm data. I think moving forward we will report the perm in Lugeons, unless there is any other way to trick RW into plotting these low values that you can think of. Thanks Again Earl
  4. Hi I am having trouble setting the scale on interval data to accept small numbers. In the case of permeability, often we need to plot numbers at 10-7 decimal places for example. However RW only allows me to input numbers at 10-6 and defaults to 0 if they are smaller. I have changed my program settings to allow for more decimal placed but the I-data scaling still will not take the low values I need. Thoughts?
  5. Earl

    RockWorks 17 Faults

    Tom Thanks for the input. I have moved the borings, turned off holes north of the fault, and inserted missing stratigraphy. The data plots much better now after doing that. I appreciate the input on this. Earl
  6. Earl

    RockWorks 17 Faults

    Hi Tom Thanks for the quick response on this. I uploaded the grid file, master excel export as well as a pdf so you can see this structural top I am attempting to grid.These are on the upload portal you sent in the link above. RW amazingly just started to plot the faults on my surface the day after I sent my initial message. That part is working now and I can see from sections that the algorithm is taking the faults into account. My problem now is that I cannot find a gridding algorithm that will exclude this stat unit north of the fault. The rock does not exist in any of the data north of the fault system but it still displays it. I could use help in: Selecting a proper gridding algorithm to display this strat unit correctly across the fault. Or settings that will correct it identifying a way that I can experiment with pinch outs of units determining if data gaps between holes need to have "Fake" borings inserted as control point to restrain RW algorithms from interpolating surfaces across areas where the unit does not exist. Just to clarify I have tried many different settings and options in RW to achieve this with no success. The ultimate production of these surfaces needs to be as accurate as possible as the surfaces will be entered into other models for the project.
  7. Earl

    RockWorks 17 Faults

    Here is a screen shot
  8. Hi Tom I have a project where I have about 1/3 of the project area which is faulted. I am trying to get the 2-D models and surfaces I create for my stratigraphy model to interpolate Fault Polylines. I entered fault trace data into the "Gridding Options," Fault tab/ table and when I process there is no change made. I have tried several different ways to correct this but I cant seem to get the fault polyline to even appear on a 2-D map. Thanks Earl
  9. Hello All I am plotting P data in single log and profiles and RW just suddenly stopped plotting my hatch patterns for lithology and stratigraphy. Everything was plotting fine yesterday and now it only gives me the colors for those columns and no hatch pattern. When I toggle P-data "off" and use other data such as I- Data everything plots fine. Thoughts?
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