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  1. I'm working at my university and I don't know if I have access to other programs other than RockWorks at the moment. 

    Can't RockWorks do any type of analysis, even if it is simpler than rockpack?

    Thank you

  2. Hello,

    I followed your instructions and I got what I wanted thank you.

    Now, I want to do some analysis to the rock slope data and I not sure if that's even a RockWorks ability. Can you tell me if that´s a possibility, I'm not finding anything.

    (like safety factors and failure prediction)

    Thank you

  3. Hello everyone,


    I have just recently started using RockWorks for the first time, so if I'm something "dumb" be patient with me please.


    I want to make a rose diagram from data a have in an excel sheet. These are the steps I'm making:


    1 - I import the excel data to the utilities section;

    2 - Click on grid and then on rose diagram;

    3 - It then asks me to chose an input (surface/terrain) grid, I open a file in the samples as you can see in the image below (I don´t have any other file);

    4 - I don't change any other option;

    5 - Process.


    After doing this I get the same rose diagram even if I change the data in the utilities page to other values or a blank page...

    I have tried it over and over again and get always the same result.


    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong:


    Thank you for your time :)




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