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  1. Rock Slope Analysis

    Hello, I followed your instructions and I got what I wanted thank you. Now, I want to do some analysis to the rock slope data and I not sure if that's even a RockWorks ability. Can you tell me if that´s a possibility, I'm not finding anything. (like safety factors and failure prediction) Thank you
  2. Rock Slope Analysis

    I'm working at my university and I don't know if I have access to other programs other than RockWorks at the moment. Can't RockWorks do any type of analysis, even if it is simpler than rockpack? Thank you
  3. Rose diagram help

    Hello everyone, I have just recently started using RockWorks for the first time, so if I'm something "dumb" be patient with me please. I want to make a rose diagram from data a have in an excel sheet. These are the steps I'm making: 1 - I import the excel data to the utilities section; 2 - Click on grid and then on rose diagram; 3 - It then asks me to chose an input (surface/terrain) grid, I open a file in the samples as you can see in the image below (I don´t have any other file); 4 - I don't change any other option; 5 - Process. After doing this I get the same rose diagram even if I change the data in the utilities page to other values or a blank page... I have tried it over and over again and get always the same result. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong: Thank you for your time Image: http://imgur.com/a/wenOs
  4. Rose diagram help

    Thank you so much! I'll give it try tomorrow.