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  1. Rockworks 3D module question

    I'm back! I used the RW Utilities function and it works. I have my seismic lines on a vertical panel. I have a question: it seems the transparent background is converted to white...is there a chance to keep the transparent background?
  2. Rockworks 3D module question

    Hi everyone! My name's Guido, and im new to rockworks! Im an italian geologist, i downloaded a trial version of Rockworks because i have to work on borehole data for a dam project and i want to give it a shot before consider purhcasing the software. I have several types of data...i had little to no problems to populate the borehole managers with borehole data. I would like to load also seismic refractions data in order to have a 3D view with borehole stratigraphy and the seismic lines. Im not sure what is possible to do with Rockworks but i tried to do this: I thought about digitize the seismic refraction profile in Autocad, then i oriented it in space by 'assigning' the coordinates; Then I exported my line as dxf file and imported it with 3D module. Sadly it was not possible to see the digitized line also when i tried to export for Google Earth a prompt said "no triangles". What does it mean? Does the 3D module need a mesh?