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  1. It's done! I did a boolean model then I multiplied with the original one and Bingo! Thank you. H.
  2. Hi Tom. Your procedure seems to work, I have my result (block model): but I want to obtain a result like the other image, where I have a 3-D model of the volume. Any suggestions? Thanks Again. Regards He.
  3. Hi Tom Thanks for your answer. I'm going to try. With "extract the conductivity part of the volume" I mean the lowest values of p-data. In my case I'm using resistivity data, so, the lowest is the most conductivity part of the volume. Thanks again. H.
  4. Hello Folks! I have been doing a 3D model with p-data (borehole manager) and it works. Now, I want to extract the conductivity part of the volume, but, I don't know how. I tried with the tool "extract solid" from utilities, but did not work . Any Ideas? I think that I have a missing file or I need to do another grid. Please help.
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