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  1. Tom, I now have another error when using those grids in P-Data Modeling. How do I make sure the grid dimensions are the same as the P-Data dimensions? Does that mean the project dimensions need to match the grid dimensions? ERROR: The grid model and solid model must have the same XY dimensions. Grid Name = TopofLiner.RwGrd Solid Name = Temp 1-19_Test.RwMod Grid X Nodes = 196 , Solid X Nodes = 70 Grid Y Nodes = 248 , Solid Y Nodes = 157 Grid X Spacing = 3.538462 , Solid X Spacing = 10.0 Grid Y Spacing = 3.538462 , Solid X Spacing = 10.0
  2. How do I recalculate the grid with current dimensions when I created it by importing a Tif file from ArcGIS? I resampled the grids and used them as the Superface/Subface. The output model was no model at all just vertical rectangles on the edges. Thoughts?
  3. P-Data Modeling

    Hello, I'm doing P-Data Modeling on temperature data. I was wondering if there was setting or way to model the P-data so it contoured to the boreholes and didn't form a box. I want my model to conform to the natural ground surface. Any ideas? Can I import a ground surface from ArcGis to Rockworks?
  4. Hello, I convert my raster in ArcMap to a TIFF file. I tried to import the TIFF file into Rockworks to create a rockwork grid file. I got the following error: This program requires at least one data point. I took a screenshot of my computer.
  5. P-Data Modeling

    Mitch, Thanks. Those options just clip the model in the Z-Direction. Is there any way to prevent the model from producing a box in the X and Y directions. The image example I provided models temperature data. Each color is a different temperature range and are 3-D block models of the data. I'm trying to recreate the model example in Rockworks. Now that I'm looking at the model example, I do not think I have to manipulate the X-Y directions. It seems that they have significant vertical exaggeration and have excluded the low-temperature values to give them holes in their surface. Thoughts?
  6. Hello, I'm making 3D Temperature models from P-Data. How do I export the 3D model so I can view it in 3D outside of Rockworks?
  7. Hello, I can not export or print to PDF. I have a project due today and I can not finish it with this error. The error only occurred after I installed the recent update. Please fix asap. The bug report is attached. bugreport.txt
  8. LPKey File Import into Rockworks

    Hello, Is there a way to import the LPKey file into Rockworks so the patterns/densities of my rock units match my logplot logs? Corey
  9. Hello, Is there any way to change the total depth for all the logs in a batch compile of logs? If not there should be an option created in the Log settings since the option is available when a single log is created. At the moment, I have to click through all my logs and change the total depth so the log fills the page and all my point data shows up. Corey
  10. Set Total Depth when Batch Compiling Logs

    Tom, Yes. I do that, but I like to add point text at the termination depth to describe why the borehole or test pit was ended. If I want this text to show, then I have to increase the depth beyond the original total depth.
  11. Set Total Depth when Batch Compiling Logs

    Tom, That is true, but that adds more steps. I have 25-100 logs at times. Doesn't the batch compile require you to add each data log separately then designate the bottom depth for each one separately? I make large excel multi-sheet import files. I want to import the excel workbook, and then compile all data logs (crtl+alt+L) with the same bottom depths. It would also be nice to have an export shortcut to export all open log files as one pdf file. Corey
  12. Hello, My Rockworks demo expired months ago and my company finally bought a license. I'm trying to redownload the software, but I get an error saying that the trial has expired and the file won't open. How do I reinstall Rockworks 17 and put in my license? Corey
  13. Creating Legends for Logs

    Hello, Is there an easy way to create a master legend which includes the patterns for all the logs I have in one project? Corey
  14. Printing to PDFs

    Hello, I have made a large excel import file of 26+ borehole logs and imported them into my LogPlot software. So I now have 26+ unsaved Dat files. Is there an easy way to compile all of these logs with the same specific set of parameters and have them export or print to pdf all at once. I figured out how to compile all the logs at once, but then I have to painfully go through each one and export or print to PDF. Also on another note, I noticed the PDF quality is better if I print the log instead of exporting. Is there a reason for that? Finally, if I decide to print to PDF is there a way to set the logs margins in LogPlot, so my printed log is centered on the page? Corey
  15. Printing to PDFs

    Mitch, I looked at that, but I can not figure out how it works. It keeps asking for a batch file, but I don't have a batch file. Do I have to add each saved Dat. file separately? That's probably just as much work as just exporting each PDF individually. Corey
  16. Printing to PDFs

    Mitch, Is there a way to print or export all the open logs at the same time? Corey
  17. Export to Excel Problems

    Hello. I just got the demo version of LogPlot while I wait for my company to buy the full version. I noticed that I can not export to excel if I have an excel window opened. I get the error: Excel is not installed on this machine. I got the same error when doing an excel export with Rockworks. I fixed the Rockworks problem by just closing the Excel windows, but that didn't work with LogPlot. I had to open the Task Manager and end all background processes of excel. This caused another problem to arise. I got to the excel export dialog box asking what exactly I wanted to export to excel, but this dialog box alone creates an excel background process. My workaround was to leave the Task Manager open and delete all new background processes before clicking next on the dialog box. Is this a bug or a safeguard to prevent demo users to export to excel?
  18. Export to Excel Problems

    Tom, I did the quick repair and the long repair over the internet last week. It didn't seem to help. Corey
  19. Lithology/Stratum Pattern Key Lists

    I have downloaded multiple keyword lists from the RockWare website. Is there an easy way to combine keyword lists without manually adding keywords/patterns from one list to another? I want to combine the two USGSLithos sets with the USCS soil set. Corey
  20. Lithology/Stratum Pattern Key Lists

    Tom, Thanks. I also had to Save As the new list to save all the appended list together. Corey
  21. Export to Excel Problems

    Tom, I have problems with importing and exporting on LogPlot and Rockworks. Neither of them work. Corey
  22. Export to Excel Problems

    Tom, I turned the DDE on and with excel still opened, I tried to import. I received a new bug report. I also tried to export and it couldn't find my excel program. bugreport_DDE.txt
  23. Export to Excel Problems

    Tom, I tried importing an excel template today and I can not even do that if there are any Excel background processes running. Corey
  24. Export to Excel Problems

    Here is the LDat8 File. BH-01.ldat8