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  1. Hai I have some borehole stratigraphic data. I want to create the entire startigraphy of my study area like the first attachment. Whille doing it in borehole manager stratigraphic section, I can't make that type of image and my output is also attached. Here is no one to knows about this. somebody can help me.
  2. Hai i am a newer in this software. i have some borehole stratigraphic data. i want to create a stratigraphic section based on this. please provide me some basic tutorials for doing this. i like to create the attached file type image
  3. Hello all i am a new member. i have some excel format borehole data such as location, lithology and depth of boreholes. i want to construct subsurface lithology of the entire area. i want to know the basic steps for making this.
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