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  1. well, the wells file was dwg and it was readable in fme without duplication then I transferred it to shape file then to dwg again from the shape file. This final dwg is readable in the fme with duplicates. so this means that rockware created a different dwg than the original. Got my point??
  2. please find attached my exported dwg
  3. I opened the exported file using FME tool
  4. Hi Admin, Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Please find attached sample shape file(named "wells") that is already downloaded by rockware when install "Arcv2CAD7" . Try to export it to DWG you will find each record in the shape file is duplicated in the exported DWG. Best Regards, khaled
  5. Hi Admin, Forum here doesn't allow me to attach .shp or .dpf files it shows error. Image for the error is attached. If you please send me an email to be able to send the files to it.
  6. When exporting shape to dwg each record(representing point) in the shape file is exported as 2 records(attributes) in the dwg, how to avoid this? please help....