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  1. Hi I'm doing a series of projected sections of contaminants in soil. I've collected a series of samples for many boreholes at multiple depths in each borehole. I've created a section with isoconcentration contours, and wish to plot the concentrations of each sample (ND as 0), but for some reason in the strip logs, not all concentration data is showing up. I've tried to find a solution other than manually entering, but I cannot find one. another related issue - how do I do a contour of a specific concentration value? I've plotted the data with log contours due to the large variation in value.
  2. Hi, my modelling has been going swimmingly until today where I've created a T-Data solid model that when processed, has a mustard yellow background. I cannot find an option to remove this background, and I don't know what I did to cause it to happen. Can you assist? Thanks, Jeremy
  3. Hi Tom, I'm revisiting your explanation of the null value. If I understand you correctly, you're saying that use of the "null value (-1e27)" in the data sheet causes rockworks to "hang". Does this mean that one should not use the null value in the data sheet to represent a number? As an alternative, possibly "0" is better as a represents a "real number"?
  4. Thanks, Tom. That explains a lot. Cheers Jeremy
  5. Thanks Tom, Just to clarify, if I put null values (i.e. typing "null" as a replacement for "ND") into my data sheet, then that acts as a real value that constrains the extrapolation (or interpolation as the case may be)? Can I use the word null or do I need to enter the "null" number? Thanks again Jeremy
  6. Hi, this is a revisit of an age old problem, but I'm modelling contaminant concentrations, and they are extending to the bottom of the model where there is not a data point to constrain the model. I generally use the detection limit as a lower limit, but is using a null value better? Thanks, Jeremy
  7. Hi, I've got a lith section and a corresponding aquifer section that I am appending. In the lith section, I've plotted well construction data with a strip log depicting casing and screen intervals (with a pattern depicting the screen). In the aquifer section, I've plotted aquifer data for some of the wells, with a strip log depicting the water level. When I append the water level data, the well screen pattern disappears. so two questions: 1. what is happening and how can I show the screen as well as the aquifer data? 2. when two sections are appended, do the strip logs become joined or over
  8. Hi Molly, I'm using the well construction column in striplog designer, and all my well construction data is in the database in the well construction. I've not used patterns for anything. I'll make sure my database is solid and try again. Thanks for the input. Cheers Jeremy
  9. Hi, I'm trying to get the well screens with a pattern to plot in my lithology sections, but all I can get to plot is a blank well with a single line where the screen and blank intersect with no pattern (I'm using the lithology pattern 5, dens 1 to represent the screen) with the axis through the center. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Hi I'm building a model for a site along the banks of a river. I've created a ground surface topo grid with the river channel simulated with dummy bore locations representing the river bathymetry. I'm now completing the stratigraphy modelling with 4 layers, bounded by the topo grid. I've dialled in the strat model so that it represents my conceptualisation of the geology well, but Layer 1 (the top layer) appears to be draping over the strat model, which is wrong. Layer 1 is a fill layer that represents the built up ground to the river bank. Layer 2 is overbank deposits while layer 3 is cha
  11. Hi, I've attempted to direct my lithology patterns for a project to the USCS lith patterns as per another thread. I've directed the system tables to the location of the pattern, but now I cannot find the original rw_pat.pat file in the system folder. I did not overwrite the USCS pat folder (I placed it in the project folder). What have I done, and how do I fix it?? Thanks! Jeremy
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