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  1. Hi Mitch RW17 latest update. I see with the tiff you actually need to select the compression, I assumed that an empty block at compression was none (it isn't you must select none or packbits). The tiff is not a geotiff though so it's not useful for my purposes. The shapefile is never created and no error is generated (for either voxel or isosurface), it thinks for a moment and then is done but you get no file. I'm am using QGIS as a GIS package. I'm happy with a plan overlay with the shapefile, but as noted the shapefile is not generated.
  2. I'd like to filter an assay data (I-data) model then export the output as a shapefile or tif. The dxf export seems to work (produces a 3D wireframe) but shapefile appears to do something but makes no output and geotiff gives an error - CCITT Group 3, 2D compression not supported with true color images. I can live with the DXF export but would have preferred a 3D shapefile with the z-value as the filter level. I'd like to use the filtered data for follow-up borehole drilling. Can you suggest what is wrong or a better method.
  3. Think I may have answered this myself, left is 270, right 90 and straight down 180. VE makes angles look odd.
  4. Short of doing a manual calculation for inclination based on z's is it possible to measure this off a profile? There is no "measure inclination tool" (and obviously this would need to take into account the vertical exaggeration in your profile plot). If I try to use the bearing tool on a profile this is meaningless as it gives you an angle which should be the orientation of the profile but isn't and is also not the dip/inclination of anything you measure. I'm trying to use this as a quick method in the planning of follow-up boreholes. Thanks.
  5. I see you answered this in an error forum - I'll give that a try.
  6. It downloaded an update which is corrupt and won't install. How do I get rid of this new download which does not wok and re-download?
  7. Select options for "Create 3D Diagram" select anything (or not) and then OK or Cancel and the program crashes. See screenshot.
  8. Subsequently realised/remembered with the straight text import it needs to be formatted as per the exported tabes, preceding table name etc. HOWEVER the single table Excel import also has the same issue, no file is opened after selecting the file. Had to install Excel to try this out but still same issue. As an aside LibreOffice support would be great. Got around this by manually copying and pastin 6000 lines of data into multiple borehole datasheets. Is it possible to paste all into a single sheet somewhere with the borehole name?
  9. I'm trying to import I-Text or even I-Data but the selection of the file does not actually open/scan the file, nothing happens. I've tried all different file formats and delimiters (csv, txt, comma, tab, etc) but it makes no difference. Nothing loads so no mapping can be done. I'm using Windows 10 and RW17 with the latest update.
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