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  1. Can this be done by polygon filtering? Can a ESRI shape file be used to define a polygon
  2. I want some guidance and help on the following How to restrict the model interpolating surfaces beyond a specific line on ground (like a fault would do) All interpolation should be restricted within a shape file
  3. Thank You Tom! It worked wonderfully.
  4. Dear Tom I am new at RW 16. I am trying to Plot a stratigraphic section. The PDF version of location and Stratigraphy files are attached herewith. RW is plotting the section but the section is very flat and one could hardly distinguish different stratigraphic layers. I am unable to understand why the section is not getting plotted properly. I am a researcher and would like to make a section for my thesis. could you possibly help me. Thanking you. with regards Manoj Shrivastava Location.pdf Starigraphy.pdf
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