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  1. I got the table to import using the Multiple Tables method and there are many more values showing up now. Is there a way to show the values with non-numerical ("J")?  I need to make a cross section showing the borehole logs, stratigraphy, and the P-Data values, including those with text ("J" flags). Is this possible or do I have to enter them into the cross-section manually as text. Is the only way to show p-data in the form of curves alongside the well construction symbology in the section? I need to show actual numbers next to the correct depth along the borehole. I uploaded my project to https://www.rockware.com/upload/  


    Thank you

  2. I am trying to import a P-Data table into Rockworks and the data is not being uploaded in to the project. I've tried using the bulk import as well as the import single table method. In the p-data types table, all the column names are being recognized from the import table, but not all the min value and max value records are being populated. The units column is blank as well. Also, when I scroll through the borehole data in the borehole manager with the p-data button selected, none of the boreholes have data. I've imported P-Data into Rockworks before with no issues. Not sure what's wrong this time. I've attached the table I'm trying to use for the import. Any advice would be much appreciated. 

    I am using Rockworks v.17 Revision 2017.6.1.


    Thank you


  3. I am attempting to model Silver Chloride Injections at defined intervals in several wells. I would like to know if it is possible to model the injection volumes using cylinders in the 3D striplogs menu, but have the cylinder sizes be proportional to the volume of the injection at each interval. Assuming the porosity is 20%, the distance from the borehole (i.e radius of the cylinder) will range between 6 and 13 feet for most injection intervals. I am able to model the injections, with various sizes of discs per interval, but is there a way to adjust the radius to be roughly within these limits? This may not be possible, but before I proceed I would like to know for sure.

    Also, I noticed that some intervals that are supposed to have values (per the I-Data table), but are showing up with no disc around them, which makes them look like there is no value.

  4. I am trying to use some water level data to build an aquifer model. Since it is considered an unconfined aquifer, I am using water levels taken from monitoring wells. However, I only have the depth values for the top of the surface and it appears that the aquifer model tool in Rockworks requires a bottom depth as well. I would like to make the aquifer extend down to the top of a surface that represents a confining unit. I have a grid for the confining unit surface, but I don't know how to make the aquifer unit extend to reach the confining surface. How do I go about doing this?

  5. I recently made some changes to some records in the Stratigraphy table, but when I go to import the new table, the records are not being updated in the borehole manager. I've tried the "Replace Existing Record" and the "Update Existing Record" options in the Excel Import Wizard. I've done this process several times in the past without any issues. Not sure what's going wrong. I've uploaded my zipped up project to the Rockware uploads portal. Thanks for your help.

  6. I created a stratigraphic unit that shows everything above 240 ft msl. However, in the model there is a flat surface that represents the 240 msl cutoff. I only want to see the areas above the 240 msl mark and not the flat surface. I've tried using the isopach tool, but doesn't produce the desired results. Attached is image of the surface

    Upland Unit.JPG


  7. I noticed that there is an issue with the rendering freezing if a 3-D model is zoomed into too far. Sometimes, after several minutes, the rendering process will continue on it's own. Other times the software must be restarted in order for the issue to be resolved. I am just wondering if this is a common issue that other people are having or have had? If so, is there a setting that can be changed with the rendering speeds?

  8. I am looking through all my grid files in rockworks and noticed that for each stratigraphic surface there are 3 .RwGrd files. I know what the _top and _base files are, but I'm curious what the other .RwGrd file is for each surface? The dates for this grid file is different than the dates for the top and base grids. What process created these grid files?

  9. I created a Stratigraphy model and for some reason my legend colors do not match the colors of the Stratigraphic layers in the model. The colors of the model match the Stratigraphy types table, but the colors of the legend are not the same. How do I change the colors in the legend to match those in the Stratigraphic types table?

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