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  1. Dear All, I have created the model for my Fluoride data which is ranging from 0 mg to 4 mg in various samples and on the basis of that now I want to catagorize my model in 3 different colours which includes Class 1 : Area with Fluoride amount 0 mg to 1 mg (Should have Green Colour) Class 2 : Area with Fluoride amount 1.01 mg to 1.5 mg. (Should have Yellow Colour) Class 3 : Area with Fluoride amount 1.51 mg to 4.0 mg. (Should have Red Colour) Please help me to to so... in Rockworks 17.
  2. Is it possible to create buffer area around the X-Y points of my boreholes at specific distance of 100 meters outside of all points, I will consider that buffer polygon as my project area instead of marking polygon manually?
  3. Is it possible to create buffer area around the X-Y points of my boreholes at specific distance of 100 meters outside of all points, I will consider that buffer polygon as my project area instead of marking polygon manually?
  4. Dear Sir, Thanks for earlier reply, At this moment we are interested to calculate volume of CaO ore on the basis of chemical data in interval data form. I illustrate some background of work, We have interval data sheet of CaO and MgO percentage and we are carrying classify CaO as a primary concentration which varies from 4% to 60% depending on lithology. We created CaO solid model and created boolean grid of 34% to 42% is class 1 for medium grade ore and above 42% is class 2 for high grade ore as per earlier reply. Here we get the volumetrics of both classes. But problem is that client wants to set the influence of extrapolation of horizantal interval based based on I data values which should be equidistance from each borehole. In simple words, on ground actual distance between boreholes DG29 DG28 is approx 54 meters. So the influence of the data extrapolation of DG29 should be half of distance which is 27m and influence of extrapolated data of DG28 should be upto 27m. Logically if we consider the each borehole location as a control point then the actual surface distance should be halfli shared by each borehole to indicate the influence. I am unable to upload document here, I send it to your tech@rockware.com, with full text mail.
  5. Sorry I sent wrong error message by mistake, The error regarding to Menus.ini: The process can not access the file because it is being used by another process
  6. Thanks Jim, With specified solution, software was started to work, but I am unable to change sample project it gives me error regarding to menus.ini used by another process after I create new project.
  7. Categorisation of rock grade on the basis of chemical content. I want to catagorise the limestone on the basis of CaO and MgO percentage, if Cao < 30 % {Low Grade} Cao = 30 % to 45 % {Medium Grade} Cao > 45 % {High Grade} Can I do all this things in I-Data column only? Or any else better method is available, which categorisation will help me to calculate the volume and mass of particular grade rocktype.
  8. How to apply subsurface filter in lithology model in borehole manager tab? Because when I create lithology model and that data I show in the form of cross section or profile, I observe the some different type of lithology is also introduced in output which lithology is present in datasheet but consisting borehole is far away, to avoid this scene, I need to apply subsurface filter.
  9. I was creating project on Local drive (NOT NETWORK DRIVE) The folder not empty, it was containing the database file in excel format. I have rights to create/modify the files because this is Administrator account of machine. Please help
  10. Thank you Jim, I started my RockWorks which prompted me to update version to 2017.3.23 and later restarted system. Then I was created folder in which the datasheet Excel file was kept. As I created new project, I followed all necessary formalities like selection of database structure, coordinate system and units. After finished all stuff while creating new project I received Some error. Later I resterted software then insted of opening programme it give some error message. After successful reinstallation of software (without uninstalling programme) the issue is not fixed. Please let me know the source reason of the error. I attached PDF showing the step by step procedure what I was doing here and error started to show on screen. Please resolve the issue at the earliest, as our clients required some training and for that our software should work properly. Error_RockWorks - Copy.docx
  11. Suddenly my software started to show up this error after updating to latest build...
  12. Dear All, We are trying hard to get distance scale bar on our maps, like on borehole location map but the scale bar provided in software follows the Northing or Easting values only. Though the client is working in Geological Exploration and for that, 'Scale bars provide a visual indication of the size of features and distance between features on the map. A scale bar is a line or bar divided into parts and labelled with its ground length, usually in multiples of map units, when a scale bar is added to the layout, it is associated with a map frame and maintains a connection to the map inside of the frame, so even if the map scale changes, the scale bar remains correct.' Please check attachment and resolve the problem as early as possible.
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