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  1. Good day, i have a vertical exaggeration issue with my P-data text, once i apply vertical exaggeration the P-Data text disappears or sometimes jump so down or up from the model and often times the text also becomes illegible. Please i need all the help i can get. another issue is error message when i try to import batheymetry or survey data into a model i get an error message asking me to restart application. Anu thanks
  2. Hi tom, 1) Thanks so much for your response actually i have the SPT and RQD as interval data and the rest as point data. 2) i saw a blog on the second question but the steps aren't as exactly clear please can you help with that. i have the survey and design files in ASCII format. after importing what are the necessary steps? Thanks
  3. Thanks Edward Unfortunately is very related to boreholes cos its actually borehole data those test were done at depth intervals for different locations. Thanks
  4. Dear All, Please can anyone help me the below questions: 1) what will be the most appropriate algorithm for interpolating points data from rock parameters for dredging purpose such as UCS: Unconfined comprehensive Strength of Rock (MPa) RQD: Rock quality discovery (%) Carbonate Content of rock (%) Fine Content (%) Bulk Density SPT: Standard Penetration Test 2) How can i import bathymetry data of a design into rockworks and also cut the levels and slopes of a model using the bathymetry data? 3) Determine the most suitable methodology to create soil models only for rock (separate cohesive and non-cohesive layers). Thanks Anu
  5. NMDC

    statistical error

    thanks tom i found the solution to the above rockworks considers n as population size.
  6. NMDC

    statistical error

    dear all, Please can anyone explain why the statistical error result from the statistic report is different when i calculate it manually? e.g this is the result from rockworks report: Mean .................................... 2.68 Standard Deviation ...................... 2.91 Standard Deviation Error ................ 0.75 when i calculated manually using the formula SE = StandDev./Sqrt of mean (Where mean is 2.68) = 1.777565 meanwhile in both instances the mean and standard deviation were the same. Thanks.
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