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  1. Scalebar

    Thanks everyone Tom, I was setting exaggeration before in 2D and after that I was importing it into Reportworks, which by default was setting my x and y ration in the exaggeration which I have set earlier, and moreover I inserted logo scale etc in Reportworks rather than in 2D. Hence, I was able to resolve the issue, even cross checked it by taking a print out on A4.
  2. Scalebar

    Hi Tom, Thanks a lot Yes I tried your method in Reportworks, I imported my 2D file into Reportworks, Now the question is whether the way I am doing is correct or not, I edited my 2D image in the Rockplot2D window( I need to add a logo and some additional info) or there itself in the output image and when I import the same file(2D) in the ReportWorks and then when I double click the 2D image and set scaling as custom units, Set X and Y as 1cm=40 units (i.e. based on my understanding 1 cm =40m) my X get sets to 40, but Y =42.6788... WHY? Secondly, is it considering the entire 2D image and scalicng it as I mentioned? And when I import only the 2D image without any logo etc. and then scale it in Reportworks as 40 units(both X and Y), take the printout and measure, It does not come out correct.
  3. Scalebar

    If I am importing it in Reportworks, my output file is coming in this fashion, I want it as a portrait on my A4 paper. Moreover the scale can not be defined in the while printing through Rockplot2D window, Please correct me if I am doing something wrong.
  4. Scalebar

    I want to keep all of my 2D images as 1:40000 please help!
  5. Scalebar

    Hello Everyone How can I add scalebar to my 2D images, showing the ratio as 1:400000 i.e. my 1 cm on image is equal to 4 km
  6. Reserve Estimation

    Hello everyone Thanks for sharing valuable information. I had once discussed with Tom regarding Reserve estimation, using Boolean to calculate the volume of the body with known required parameters. I would like to know if there is any other method, and further produces a report regarding reserve estimation for a body of interest, and further is there any video or tutorial where I can learn how to use, step-by-step and know more about how can I work out the same for different conditions. I would also like to know more about Utilities|Volumetrics|Extract solid option Thanks in advance
  7. Multiple Polygon Advanced

    Hello all I want to use a sample data sheet( utilities) named as Polygon_Advanced_02.rwdat, but few things confuses me how can I set up the project dimensions, and when I am trying to set up the output dimensions using other polygon_advanced_01.rwdat file it projects nothing on the screen, only blank grid files. Can you please explain me, what is the correct way to this? As I feel this will be very helpful for me to create and show outcrops in an area.
  8. Striplog design

    Thanks a lot for explaining me all the different way to handle striplogs and their texts. If I have any other problem I will get back to this forum.
  9. Striplog design

    Hello all I have a lithology data of few boreholes, all 300m depth. I would like to create strip logs of the following, which I could further take a print-out of on A4 etc, but few of my lithological units are just few meters thick (1-2m) which when i am trying to show it on the strip-logs, the text gets overlapped and thus all messy, I tried changing the font size etc but not at all helpful. Please help me on this issue.