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  1. OK! I was clicking through on the Maps/Bore hole map with poor results yesterday, but today it works just fine. Also yesterday the second choice in that menuu for "optional fields" would not open at all - some error message about first database field = -1 or similar, and it is opening and working fine now also. Maybe all it needed was to have a good reboot or have a night to settle in.
  2. Just downloaded, installed 2020. Looking around I tried the borehole location map and wanted to check that I had brought over the proper files for making the topo. When I click borehole location map it does not bring up the screen where I would be able to select to add traces, contours, change symbol size and text size, etc. It jumps straight to making a map with no options offered. Where did that go?
  3. I suggest that in the processing of orientation data, if there is no value at 0 depth, but there IS survey data starting deeper, that the default be to assign the next present azi and inclination to the interval starting at 0 depth. However, if there is NO orientation data at all, then keep the default case to be the assumption that the hole is vertical, as is now done. As often as not, when I am given orientation data, for drill holes in which there are data, the orientation was not entered for the 0 depth. It must be that Minesight and other commonly used programs do what I am
  4. On 2D profiles, I want to plot "I data" bar chart, Lithology and alteration intensity (1-6 scale) for each drill hole. I can'd load the alteration values as if they were another "I data" field because the to-from is different than the I data to-from. First I thought to load alteration as "stratigraphy" but the values are chaotic and repeat which is not allowed for Stratigraphy . If I load alteration as "T data" can I display it in addition to the "I data" bar chart?
  5. For my I data, I would like to generate xyz coordinates for each downhole I data interval. How does that work? I see where it says it will generate the data, but I can't seem to find it.
  6. I just noticed that the N arrow in all of my strip maps is pointing east. This red arrow is inserted in the area between my cross section and strip map even when the N arrow option is turned off in Strip Map/Options What's up with that? It's easy to delete but hard to remember to do so!
  7. Tom, How do I get a surface the intersection of which displays on a 2D profile?
  8. I would like to make my strip map narrower in order for it to fit above my profile. It is expanding to too great of a width when I have inclined holes that are no where near parallel to the profile axis. For some profiles, the strip map is wider than the profile on the plot. I see no way to truncate those parts of the criss-crossing drill hole traces which lay outside of the desired strip map (swath) width. Time to abandon the strip map?
  9. The other question was about changing the filtering of displayed DHs in an already constructed profile.....
  10. I would like to make duplicate profiles with different sets of drill holes turned on. Is there any way to either access a previously-designed 2D Profile's settings (I-data widths, margins, fonts, etc.) or else to open an existing 2D file and then change the DH filtering?
  11. I received new orientation data and want to add it for numerous holes at once. In the Import > Excel I see nowhere offered to import Orientation data.
  12. As is commonly the case, the topography that I have available is a .dxf of topo lines. Is there a way to use this in Rockworks 17? I only see instructions for using xyz grid data.
  13. Another newbie question here, first project. I have data continuing to trickle in, in addition to having numerous source files of I-data from older programs. Is it actually that easy to append new data into the project from many files, or am I better off merging many Excel sheets before importing?
  14. New user here. My project has about 1000 drill holes that I could load, of which about a third are of much greater interest than the other shorter holes. It is advisable to load so many holes or will it REALLY bog things down?
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