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  1. I am doing natural state calibration for a geothermal model in petrasim. 1. From results i can choose line plots using wells. The challenge is exporting well data i.e xyz and temperature for many wells say over 250. Is there a way i can export this well data for many wells without doing it well by well. 2. Comparing of the model generated temperature values and the measured values for these big number of wells is also a challenge. is there a way i can import them to petrasim then compare this values using line plot in petrasim?
  2. Halo; i am creating mesh in petrasim using the polygonal method on an area of 30 x 24 km. i have around 50 wells towards the center and would like to achieve cells 10,000 m 2 around wells and 500,000 m 2 at the margins. when i try this i only achieve 738,808 m 2 near wells and 786,358 m 2 at the margins. is there a better way of achieving this ?.
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