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  1. Hi, I was wondering if plotting a cross-section showing extrapolated lithology and stratigraphy is possible? My stratigraphy is actually a layer of LNAPL, so it's a thin layer. Ultimately I'd like to show a x-section with: - 3D projected Lithology - 3D projected Stratgraphy (LNAPL) - Well construction - Groundwater elevation Also I am unable to upload photos to this post to illustrate what I mean and I'm curious why I can't? Thanks, Megan
  2. Megan R

    Swath size

    Hi Tom, I don't see the Snap | Truncate | Swath Bar, I'm trying to attached a photo to show you, however I'm having trouble figuring out how.
  3. Megan R

    Swath size

    Hi, I've seen a video for RockWorks15 were you are able to adjust the swath size. I have RockWorks17 and can't seem to figure out how to change the swath size. Thanks, Megan
  4. Megan R

    Modeling NAPLs

    Hi, I have been following the instructions for "Modeling NAPLs using Solid and Surface Models in RockWorks" under the Case Studies | Enviro/geotechnical section. I am still having problems displaying my clipped model. I am using RockWorks 17 which looks slightly different than the original case study. Is there an error in what I'm choosing as options? I have tried all the different methods and seem to always have the same problem with the clipping not working correctly. Cheers, Megan
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