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  1. I am having a problem with Downhole Explorer. I run Downhole Explorer vertical sections off datamine files, and Downhole Explorer Strip Logs off an Access database. Previously, I set up the sections and strip logs to grab lithology colors off a user legend. There are well over 50 items in the user legend. About two months ago everything was working great, but now the program is making the lithology colors different than what they should be. For example, our shale unit should be colored green (according to the legend), but is now colored as an intrusive unit. Though wrong, the colors ahve stayed consistent (it doesn't change every time i open it). This problem occurs in the sections and strip logs (i.e. off the datamine files or off the access database). I have reloaded the legend file numerous times to no avail. I have deleted it, and remade another legend file, but when i finished, the same problem occured. I ahve even tried removeing and then reloading Downhole Explorer, but the same problem came up in the new copy. I run Downhole Explorer on numerous machines, however this problem occurs only on my laptop. No other computer is affected by this. Next to throwing the laptop out the winow, I am all out of ideas. Does anybody have any clue how I might fix the problem or at least have a go-around? Thanks, Chris Valorose
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