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  1. Batch Processing of Rose Diagrams

    I am looking for a program that will process rose diagrams from multiple drill holes and display them on a map either in a program like Surfer, or a CADD program. The petals directions would be specific to azimuth, the colored petals specific to 3 dip ranges. Grapher and Oriana both produce specific rose diagrams that would work for me, but on a hole-by-hole basis. I am looking for a program that will do batch processing on a large number of holes. Ideally they should come out relationally-based so they can overlay on a plan map with that drill hole, as below. Any thoughts?
  2. I have been given the task of creating some rose diagrams for various drill holes on our property. The diplog features contain azimuth and dip, with the azimuth being used to create bins. I would like to be able to color the petals based on dip ranges. For example: dips of 0 - 15° would be colored green, 15 - 25° colored yellow, and dips greater than 25 colored red. So for one azimuth petal range, you can have up to three colors within that range (see example below with Rockworks single color rose diagram, and a partial made-up one). Does anyone know of a way to do this with Rockworks? This type of feature would be very useful in an open pit mine for stability purposes.