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  1. Rose Diagram Circle settings

    Thank you Molly. This would definitely improve the Rose Map capabilities of the program. Emma
  2. Rose Diagram Circle settings

    Yes - but that is the problem I'm having. The diagrams are not consistent with each other. The circle spacing varies visually. I want a uniform number of circles across all diagrams (not 3 circles in rose A and 8 in rose B ). Perhaps another way to say this is that the circles are visually consistent across the map and the petals vary in width. This would require circles beyond the the maximum frequency (or percent) for some plots. Sorry if I am not explaining this well. Is there a way to do this within RockWorks? Thanks. Emma
  3. Hello: Is there any way to set all rose diagrams within a rose diagram map to the same circle spacing? In other words, I would like for the circles spacing to remain consistent between plots rather than adjust to the maximum for each individual diagram. Whenever I change settings, the ray lengths stay the same and the the circle spacing adjusts. Thank you for your help. Emma
  4. Not that urgent. I'll download the update when its posted. Thank you for your quick reply. Emma
  5. Hello: I cannot get an Lambert equal area net to plot as background on my stereonet. The Schmidt/Wulff net plots as background with no problems. Is there some other setting that would prevent this net from plotting? Thank you for your help. Emma
  6. solid modeling processing time

    I built smaller models first with much larger node spacings. These, however, did not show the detail we needed (and which we specifically bought the program for). Only 100 nodes? Also, once built I am having difficulty displaying the models in RockPlot/3D. I tried to turn on hardware acceleration but it does not work. I have an Intel G33/G31 Express chipset Family that according to Intel's website supports OpenGL * 1.5? Is this is not what I need? I have little understanding of video cards/graphic acceleration etc. so excuse any poorly worded / incoherent questions. I simply want to easily display the models created in RockWorks. I have not had difficulty with previous 3-D programs like Voxler and ArcScene so I am new to these issues. Emma
  7. Hello: I am having tremendous difficulty with the speed of and display of my 3-D solid models of fractures. My computer has 3+GB of RAM, plenty of hard drive space, and a 1.8 Ghz Pentium Dual processor. Is this inadequate? I am trying to model approximately 15 wells that are within a 1 mile radius and up to 500 feet deep. Wells may have up to 100 fractures. My models are running overnight and are sometimes still incomplete when I return to work the next day. Is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Emma
  8. Hello: I would like to display the locations of underground storage tanks on a lithology profile. Is there a simple way to create a profile of the showing just the tanks that I can append to my lithology profile? Thank you in advance for your help and/or suggestions.
  9. Hello: I have created a fracture model from borehole data and generated 3D plots using this model and by displaying the data as oriented discs (as described in the RockWorks tutorial). In addition, I would like to visualize the fractures as discrete planar objects that do not extend beyond the ground surface (which is what my discs are doing). What is the best way to accomplish this in RockWorks? Thank you for your help. Emma
  10. Greetings: I am new to RockWorks and am having some difficulty creating a 3D surface elevation map. I have lidar xyz file that I converted to a grid, but when I plot the grid in RockPlot 3D it is only visible when I click on it and rotate. Even then I only see point data and not a solid surface. Any help is greatly appreciated as I try to shorten my learning curve with this new software. Emma