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  1. Hi recently i tried many times to extract elevation from google earth but it seems it's out of the question. so i'm hesitated that whether i did missed something to do,or maybe again I gotta use other options to extract elevation. thanks s lot.
  2. out of memory error

    Hi The point is whenever I wanna export rockplot 2D map to the google earth(KMZ) , if I choose” surface contours” before press process button , then after that I would face with error message that says out of memory but if I just don not choose surface contours then the process will continue smoothly also I think it’s necessary to add that as of yet I only have had this problem with 2D and at the same time I didn’t have any problem with 3D with the same data.so please help me to cope with this problem.'i'm using Rockworks16&google earth7.1 version' thanks a lot