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  1. Hi, I am trying to export the coordinates of digitized points in RW2D to the Utilities Datasheet. I keep getting the error that the argument is out of range.
  2. Hi Heather, I forgot to mention that this will change the way your maps plot but in order to get the 2D Striplog to plot vertically and correctly you need to do this. I haven't found an easier way. To do you maps you need to uncheck the changes that you made in General Preferences to the Borehole Orientation Tab. Best Regards,
  3. Hi Heather, I have a great way of doing what you are trying to do. Go to General preferences and click on the Borehole Orientation Tab. Go to Adjust Vertical Azimuths (for what you are doing I know that you need the hole inclination but this works). Change the maximum borehole azimuth a value higher than your máximum borehole inclination (I know that you are working with inclinations but just trust me). For example I use 60 because we don't have any boreholes with more than 60 degrees inclination. You could use up to 90 degrees if your boreholes have a greater inclination than 60. The
  4. Control points are the known depths of the formation top and bottom. You get these from borehole data, ideally although you could create an imaginary well from a good cross section. With one or more imaginary wells well you can “define” the depth of the Proterozoic at different locations on your grid. Also it looks like there is a gap between the Cretaceous and the Proterozoic in your block model that you may need to look at. Best Regards.
  5. Hi JamesH. I used RW16 in the past and use RW17 now. There is not much difference between versions so I think that maybe these suggestions could be useful. Regarding the Proterozoic cutting through the Paleozoic that could be related to the grid you are using for the Proterozoic so one option would be to make more control points to tweak your grid. Also check the number next to your units. RW interprets lower numbers as overlying units. However you may be OK there because your legend is OK. As for the map try making the maps that you need separately and then doing an append. Another suggestion
  6. Hi Vincent, I think that you can just turn off the well types that you do not want to show up on your section. Remember that deviated wells do not plot properly in sections. If you have deviated wells I would suggest plotting a profile. In either case, try just turning off the wells that you do not want to project.
  7. Hi, I am using Rockworks 17 Advanced and can select the "other" coordinates for custom projection without any problem. The issue is that one of my coworkers is also using Rockworks 17 Advanced and he the tab for "other" does not come up on his computer (he can only see the options of Local, SPC and UTM). What may be causing this?
  8. I use Rockworks 17 Advanced. I can create custom projections but a co-worker that also uses Rockworks 17 advanced cannot. What might be causing this?
  9. Edward Hakanson


    Hi, There are many gridding options in Rockworks and the use of each one gives different results depending on the algorithm that you choose which I find to be overwhelming since none of them are particularly attractive. I personally like the type of grids created with SURFER (Krigging) and ArcGIS (TopoToRaster). I have not found one in Rockworks that can reproduce either of these. I would suggest that if you have XYZ data and have plotted it in another program that creates a grid to you liking that you use the Rockworks Utilities Program to import that grid using Utilities/Grid/Import a
  10. Hi, I see that in Rockworks 17 2D Striplogs there is an option to plot a deviated borehole vertically. That is great, however it plots the measured depth and not the true vertical depth. Please make it so that the measured depth is displayed but alongside the true vertical length. I have achieved this effect by setting the azimuth constant and viewing the borehole head on so that I only visualize the effect for borehole inclination. This method works but would be smoother if incorporated with plot vertically in the 2D Striplog option. I suggest that there be an option for this in the
  11. Maybe you could generate a P-Text file and plot it alongside your P-Data.
  12. One thing that you might try is creating rotated text in RW2D and then linking that file to your Reportworks file.
  13. Try adjusting the VE of your model and boreholes individually and then do an append. This may work.
  14. Hi. I face a similar problem when I map down hole clay samples. I have found that entering 0s works when what I want is a 2D log but if it is 3D then simply omitting values where there is no detection best. It really depends on how you want to display the data. However I would like to know what the optimum method is from an experienced Rockworks user.
  15. Hi Aditya, Another thing that you may want to try if it is the description of thin units that is causing you problems is to widen the column where the lithological text is plotted. If this is unpractical then you may want to try including the text descriptions as I-Text which would allow you to create multiline text and plot it alongside your lithologic column. This, in addition to Brian's suggestion, may help you out. Edward
  16. Hi, I need to copy some specific information from one RW16 project to another. For example, I need to know an easy way to transfer new P-data that has been entered into one Project for 59 different wells into another Project which contains the same wells. Also, I need to know how to do the same with stratigraphy and lithology data. I have tried transferring p-data to a text file and then opening it in Excel to later import the Excel file to the p-data table (which worked) but would like to know if there is a simpler way of doing it. Also regarding the stratigraphy data I tried transferrin
  17. Hi Anu, If your data is not associated with boreholes then your best option may be entering your data into the Utilities Datasheet. This would work great if each of these parameters have been determined for each sample and sample location. With that you could use the EZ Map to plot your data with different colors, symbols and sizes depending upon you data. Hope this helps. Edward
  18. Hi Mira, Maybe you could check the density setting of your lithology patterns. Just a thought. Edward
  19. Great job hosein!! I am happy to hear that you could create your map adequately!!
  20. Hi, Maybe you could treat each sample point as a separate borehole as rudyaboo suggests and assign a different borehole symbol to represent the different types of information that you want to map. I would also consider trying to do it from within Utilities by and then creating a point map. That way you could create different columns with different colors / symbols for representing the points depending upon that characteristic that you want to map. There is a little more versatility working with the information from within Utilities depending upon what you really want to display. Also, you
  21. Hi David, I think that you could resolve the problem of strip map width by adjusting the width from within the 2D Striplog manager. That is if I understand correctly the problem that you are experiencing. If on the other hand it is the borehole location map that RW generates when you make a profile that is giving you trouble a possible solution could be using the crop tool to select only the area of the location map that you want to include. Hope this helps. Edward
  22. Hi David, I still consider myself a bit novice Rockworks user but I have found that in Rockworks 16 Level 5 that there is an option to open up Rockplot 3D from the dropdown menú on the upper right corner of the screen that allows you to import a dxf file directly for visualization. I have not yet found how to easily manipulate a dxf file to make necesary changes (like lines with zero elevation, for example). However I imagine that it could be done with Utilities by searching for and changing the values one by one or on the contrary reverting to the original dxf file to make the corrections.
  23. Hi, I am plotting lables at the endpoint of my boreholes in RW3D (takeing the endpoint of each well and plotting it in RW3D with the asociated label). I would like the label to be centered with respect to the borehole itself and offset a little bit below it. I saw the options for vertical offset and %offset but nothing related to horizontal offset. I have played with the vertical offset and that gets my lables far enough below the borehole trace and the % offset seems to move the label in the horizontal plane but I am not sure how it works or if there is an easier way to center lables at t
  24. Hi, The problem hasn't arisen for awhile but the last time it did I noticed that the destination folder was on another computer (we are working on a network) so I changed it to a folder on my own computer and that solved the problem. Edward
  25. Hi Molly, I sent a backup to support at rockware.com. I'll wait to hear back on this issue. Best Regards, Edward
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